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Grandma's potato soup

Grandma's potato soup

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Now, around the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, I fondly remembered my father's grandmother and the childhood vacations spent in that village in northern Moldova. I always remember her with great pleasure, but this holiday had something magical for us children. This holiday meant the onomastics of the grandmother's name because her name was Maria but also the end of the holiday, because the parents came and ruined our gang of children placed on their wives. On this occasion, the grandmother set in motion and for a few days she prepared with great love all the goodies in the world, for her children and grandchildren. I still feel, even though I am an adult and those times are long gone, the aromas around the stove or the roomy oven where cakes, rolls, pies or other goodies were baked. But most of all, these days I remembered a soup I hadn't found anywhere else. It was a potato soup with vegetables, sour with whey (I still don't know if it was sheep or goat) and sour cream. In that area it is called sarbusca and it tastes like what we call Radauti soup. I don't know exactly what my grandmother put in it, but over the years, in the absence of my grandmother, I tried to revive this memory, and to recreate that taste .....


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