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How to Fill a Healthy Grocery Cart for Under $50

How to Fill a Healthy Grocery Cart for Under $50

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We know it can be done, because we did it; find out what we added to our list and more shopping tips

Load it with healthy items without breaking the bank

I can’t eat healthy, you’ve probably thought. It’s just too expensive. Men and women everywhere are prevented from eating healthy every day, just because of the price.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but that excuse is pretty flimsy. It’s possible to grocery shop, cook, and eat healthy and delicious meals for under 50 dollars a week.

Chances are, if you’re buying only pre-prepared food, you’re spending over 50 dollars anyway. Even if you eat super-cheap fast food at every meal, you’re likely spending around five dollars on lunches and dinners. Without breakfast, snacking, or weekends included, those meals already surpass your fifty dollar budget.

Click here for our tips on how to fill a healthy grocery cart for under $50.

Grocery shopping, cooking, and eating healthy are actually the cheapest ways to go.

So how is it that you always seem to walk into the grocery store with a plan and walk out with a sore bank account? Somehow, you ended up spending over a hundred on groceries in an attempt to eat better. Were those splurges on more “healthy” items like goji berries and smoked salmon really worth the cost?

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated eating. Simple foods like eggs, meat, beans, vegetables, and fruit are both inexpensive and super healthy. A one-dollar box of raisins is almost equivalent nutritionally to a twenty-dollar bag of goji berries. Simple and inexpensive ground beef contains just as much protein as costly salmon.

Once you get informed about how to plan your shopping trip in a way that works for you, you can fill your cart for less than 50 dollars — while feeling well-fed and profoundly healthy all week long.


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